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Is Clubhouse The Virtual Conference We Have All Been Waiting For?

Is clubhouse set to change the culture? Is it the virtual conference we have all been waiting for? Or will it be a 2021 fad that will have us wondering what all of the fuss was about when we round up the year?

One thing is for sure. The drop in audio app has twitter on alert. Clubhouse, which officially launched in February 2020, took off in late Spring and has since become the place to hang out, network, and connect.

24/7, there are conversations taking place on a wide range of topics from crypto secrets to social media trends to the NFL playoffs (with top players from the league!)

So where do things go from here? And why do we care in the world of digital marketing? 

This app’s driving factors are exclusivity, connection, and audio power without the pre-judgment of visuals. 

Savvy brands will want to get involved and monetisation through themselves and content creators is coming. This is a platform whereby influencers start to switch up their predictable “recommendations” on IG and instead create conversations; leading with thought and purpose and resonating with today’s consumer. Brands are going to begin designing opportunities such as sponsorships and collaborations of “clubhouse rooms” to tap into this widening audience.

Why should Clubhouse be on your radar?

Clubhouse could be the platform that helps independent brands continue to thrive as they build communities and connect on a global scale in a world that still restricts travel. 

Still unsure if it’s right for you? Questioning whether you even want to get on the list and receive an invite? Let’s break it down for you:

The clubhouse is a social network for voice only, group conversations. People host “rooms” with a specific discussion topic. Moderators and speakers are appointed, and certain people are given the opportunity to ask questions while others join the room to listen in. 

  1. The Quality of people is high.

The idea of exclusivity is quite enticing. The only way to get into the app is through an invitation. And each member only gets 4-8 invitations. This effectively means, everyone on the platform is within the top 10 contacts of someone else on the platform. 

  1. And so is the information

Speakers who would charge thousands to appear at humungous auditoriums and travel around the world sharing their area of expertise are now restricted like the rest of the world on a physical basis, so they are using the app to stay connected and engaged with their community. 

  1. It’s hard to leave once you enter. 

It’s shocking how easy it is to spend 3 hours on the platform. It’s far more addictive than talkback radio because the topics being discussed are the ones you choose. None of the conversations are recorded, so if you leave the room, there’s no way to replay a conversation. The idea of exclusivity mixed with real-time is priceless. An active audience who are at the forefront of brand messaging and new campaigns (just something to think about marketers) 

  1. Which leads us to this point….

As marketers discover the app’s engaged audiences, they’ll be looking for ways to sell, sell, and sell.

There’s not much of that at this early stage, but keep an eye (or should we say ear) for the captive audiences that are flocking to the clubhouse. Even Elon Musk is hangout there.

For now, it’s also offering the exclusive networking opportunities you usually only get when you attend an overpriced industry event. Is this concept sustainable? Who knows, but for now, it’s delivering something unique and filling a void for people. 

A void that brands would be foolish not to tap into. 

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