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Years of digital transformation has taken place… in just a few months.

As brands heat up and get ready to reopen stores, the value of digital should not be forgotten. Innovation, adaptation, and new perspectives have been set. Goals, results and increased ROI can be achieved when we see beyond getting back to normal, and more importantly, how to create a “new phase” that incorporates what we lost before heading into lockdown and what we discovered when going through it.

Forrester and e-commerce consultancy Bloomreach recently questioned 320 digital experience and e-commerce decision-makers, as well as 640 consumers, and found that Covid-19 has forced years of digital commerce transformation into just a few months.

During the pandemic, major brands had to rapidly overhaul their digital commerce experiences to keep customers spending and small retailers have had to enable online buying for the first time. We tasked ourselves with diving into the subject of what it means to humanise commerce? How can you keep humans at the center of the buying experience and what does the future of e-commerce look like post-COVID? We believe the launch of our brand new campaign, #HumanCommerce to be relevant, timely, and much needed in today’s market.

You can find out more by downloading the report.

In other news here’s our take on what’s happening in the world of digital marketing.

The Story:

Burger fans in Brazil can now earn a free Whopper if they stay indoors, thanks to a new geolocation activation in the Burger King app.

Brazil is now among the countries hardest hit by coronavirus. Even though the country is easy restrictions, the David offices in Miami and São Paulo cooked up a nifty way to encourage people to stay at home.

The Trend:

Brands have a responsibility in these unprecedented times to cultivate innovative action. The new initiative encourages people to stay at home by rewarding them which is a brilliant way to engage with consumers and remain relevant without pushing them into physical stores.

Our Take:

More than ever, safety will be a top priority for brands all over the world; Not only will they need to have the correct measures in place to ensure that their premises are safe, but successful companies will also be highlighting ways in which they are remaining agile, innovative and relevant to consumer’s behaviors by creating solutions that encourage them to do the right thing in times like these.

The Story:

Text messaging is the most effective marketing channel most retail brands aren’t using. More than 50% of consumers said they want to text with their favorite brands.

The Trend:

One of the most compelling reasons to use text messaging is the high ROI that many brands are seeing with it. It’s a low-cost channel with very high response rates. More than two-thirds of those receiving texts from retailers have made a purchase accordingly.

Our Take: 

All retailers need to accelerate multi-channel digital marketing and technology adoption, given the changes in consumer behavior following COVID-19. Done correctly, text-based marketing and communications can increase engagement and loyalty and generate sales at a lower cost than other channels, especially paid media.

The Story:

Bangalore-Based Bigthinx Created A Virtual Fashion Show For Fashinnovation

The Trend:

The pandemic has industries across the world alter their business and marketing strategies to remain relevant. And the fashion industry, in particular, has been an active participant in doing so. FASHINNOVATION is a prime example of a platform that went from physical to online, but also, differentiated itself from other online events by elevating the experience with a “wow” factor as they presented their first-ever 3D virtual fashion show during their online summit, created by Bigthinx

Our Take:

Innovators have not only accelerated digital commerce transformation within the world of e-commerce but also the event space. Summits and conferences that used to be deemed as only possible as a physical activation are now smoothly operating online. However as Fashinnovation has proved, user delight should be a priority. It’s not enough to be running a digital event, it needs to offer an entirely new experience, one that wouldn’t have even been possible in the old world. 

Many companies are missing opportunities and losing momentum because they are failing to hop into macro trends. That is where more daring and ambitious brands separate from the bureaucratic ones, because moving with the trends often involve approving investment without a clear business case and ROI.

The brave new world will involve instinct, initiative, and ambition.

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