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Five ways to check in with clients

In a world where our communication has been shifted to virtual workplaces, Google-Hangouts and email catchups; it is crucial to check in with your clients. Our experiences are individual, and each client will have drastically different circumstances. What connects us most is that we are all at home. Clients will be adapting to the current climate but re-assure your clients that you value the relationship and will accommodate in any way necessary.

Below are just some of the ways that you can check in with your clients, these methods help to strengthen the mutual relationships that will continue to be nurtured in a different way to the customary.

Get Personal

Reach out to your clients in a specific way that resonates with them. Perhaps add a visual snapshot of the past year together in an email to help boost the mood and spark motivation. By showing a continuous relationship and celebrating the progression, this will help to uplift your clients. Try and avoid generic language and spend a little extra time getting to know your clients on a personal level. This aims to boost client reassurance whilst going the extra mile. Another example of getting personal with your clients could include sending an interactive quiz. Once the question is answered, one of the team could respond to the question virtually through a pre-recorded video.

A Great example of an interactive quiz.

Show Empathy

We are all going through our separate struggles. It is important to remember that people may not be able to respond to your emails or calls as quickly as desired. To best manage this would be to have honest conversations with clients and staff. Ask how they are managing, how their families are and if there is any way in which you can help ease any pressures. Furthermore, collaborate with your clients, whether that be through Pinterest boards to collate ideas or live videos with Q&A’s, it can help maintain the creative flow to achieve great ideas together without attaching too much pressure on individuals.

Collaborate with clients on Pinterest boards

Offer Support

Send a virtual care package to your clients, this could be an email with links to helpful information, blogposts, communities and self-care tips. Attach videos and images of what the team is up to at home and do a little shout-out to your clients. This enables an experience for your clients on a meaningful level. It is an empathetic reminder that you are here in a time of need and emphasises that we are all at home working through something we can all share and relate to.

Our very own Social Executive< Jess, working on virtual care packages

Soft Sell

Sales and services should not be forgotten; however, this is a sensitive time whereby services should be secondary to support. If there is a specific type of feature that could enrich your clients’ experience, offer this as a recommendation in a link with no pressure. Create two-minute hot-seat videos for social and professional platforms whilst directing your clients to these daily, useful links. This helps to create engaging conversation, encourage learning and could lead to further recommendations or projects.

Be Transparent

Lead by example and follow your businesses practices from the office to the home. If you are an environmental business, show the whole family recycling, if you pride yourself on communication, chat about your hour-long phone call with your grandparents. Clients and potential clients love to see what you are up to and a consistent message. If this is displayed as a whole, this shows reliability, honesty and prevents any inconsistencies. 

Companies will be remembered during the current climate for their staff and client handling, the messages they portrayed to the masses and their attitudes. Maintaining your reputation, relationships with clients and business positioning is key to long-term success and preserving trust. This is the time to work together, offer your skills, support and knowledge to build communities up.

Guest Author: Amy Marshment

Guest Author  @allthereisishome