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Good Comms and Collaboration

Does rush hour traffic seem like a long lost frustration? Is your new normal a collection of virtual hangouts and meetups? Still, adapting to the homemade morning brew you sip on in your home office?

This brave new world is still forming, and don’t get us wrong. It’s weird and like most of you, we are still coming round to the fact that this IS the new normal.

You don’t need us to tell you that uncertain times call for bold responses. But we are here to tell you that this moment in time includes opportunities to step outside the “normal” ways of doing business and embrace the virtual space of communication. The digital infrastructure is there and raring to go. However, adjustment and adaptation will be key. 

How are we rewriting our client’s content strategies? 

As an agency, we are committed to providing ongoing support and services to our clients, helping brands maintain visibility with their community of customers and partners. This week’s virtual meetings have consisted of strategising and helping brands produce relevant content that will engage, entertain and inform their consumers throughout this period. Like many others, we want to find a way to deliver content in the most sophisticated and sensitive way possible and do it in a way that makes sense financially.

The one thing for certain in this time of chaos is that consumers will want to be entertained. They will want a form of escapism.

What does that mean for startups? 

As an innovator with an agile company, technology and platforms are already in place to help you keep your brand’s message alive and the connection between you and the consumer strong. 

Look around you, it’s all there and at your fingertips, ready to be utlised. But first, communication between the marketing and creative team needs to be set into place. The storyline, vision and message needs to be decided upon and executed and the only way this can happen is from good comms between you, your team, and in our case, the client, 

Here are our top tools for good comms and collaboration between remote teams and clients to help you work together and pinpoint how you will deliver and sell your product online.

Free Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Google Hangouts

Modern businesses demand specific enterprise-level tools that Google Hangout has not offered in the past. Google has had a free version of Hangouts available for a while now, but it hasn’t offered many of the enterprise-level tools that modern businesses demand. Luckily for us, the company announced that it is rolling out free access to premium features for Hangouts Meet for all G-Suite and Education customers until the first of July.


Zoom has been leading the way and suddenly getting the recognition it deserves now that there is a sudden demand for video conferencing.  However even though it had a free version of its software available, the solution came with a 40 minute- time limit on all video conversations.  At the end of February, Zoom lifted these time limits for users in China. According to Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, the company wants to help the people that are most profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We are now wondering what they will do for the rest of the world as we all, slowly but surely adopt a work from home policy.


Avaya was one of the conferencing and communication companies on the frontline of the Coronavirus outbreak. The company donated audio and video equipment to workers in China, dispatching support for speedy deployments.

Today, the global company is taking steps to support more companies on a global level, by offering the Anaya Spaces solution for cloud meeting and collaboration for free. Avaya Spaces is available to all educational institutions and non-profit organizations across the globe. The free solution will support video conferencing for up to 200 participants, with access to video, voice, chat, content sharing, and online meetings.

As we sign off for the week and say hello to a well deserved weekend. Remember that during this time we can use it wisely to strengthen all forms of communication both in our professional and personal lives. Enjoy your time with your loved ones and contact us if we can help with anything as we all make sense of this together.

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