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5 Actionable Marketing Tips for 2020 (Tried and Tested)

In just two years, our team has grown rapidly, now competing with the industry’s biggest players. We describe ourselves as an ‘anti-agency,’ providing solutions, results and creative direction for b2b and b2c brands all over the world. But our company’s headquarters are a far cry from the notorious agency hubs in London. The founders, Heather and Sebastian Horton, have opted for something a little different and our team has set up shop in a darling barn conversion on the outskirts of the Cotswolds. 

We may be nestled in a quintessential English village, but it’s fair to say Ecrubox is far from traditional. 

This year we were awarded the ‘Best High Growth Business’ award which recognises a business that has overcome early-stage barriers to realize rapid growth potential. This combined with our ambitious plans for expansion also led the industry professionals to award us with the winner of winners award, ‘Business of the Year’. 

So what does it mean to work at an “out of the ordinary” company like Ecrubox Digital? What makes the company unique? What does it mean to be part of the Ecrubox family?

I’ve spent the last 3 months diving into the wonderful ways of Ecrubox and I can tell you firsthand, working here is unlike anything you have ever experienced. The agency makes it their priority to become an extension of the client’s teams, rather than just a third party. There are no account managers, only experts. Experts who are driven by results and a strong understanding of the industry’s insights. 

November marked the company’s 2nd anniversary and with that came a lot of acknowledgement around our growth and ability to scale in a short amount of time. As the In House Content Strategist, part of my job is to continue building this brand awareness and strategise a successful marketing plan for 2020.

Have you ever wondered what tactics a marketing agency uses to promote itself? Here are our 5 Top Tips that you can incorporate into your own marketing plan for 2020: 

  1. Case Studies Many brands use this style of storytelling to demonstrate the current industry challenges, what customers are looking for and the solutions they are able to provide, followed by the results.
  2. Industry Awards – Getting recognized by a respected third party can mean a quick trip to the credibility club. It’s a great opportunity for press
  3. Being Quoted by the Press, Blogs – Being cited as an authority on a particular topic in a high profile publication can transform an agency’s reputation and credibility overnight.  Great way to build brand awareness and thought leadership.
  4. Speaking Gigs– Speaking at conferences, regional events and at Universities can be extremely effective. It helps with brand awareness, thought leadership, and networking. Joining a community to help promote your area of expertise as a speaker is a great way to market your company.
  5. Web Site’s Design & Functionality– A web site still says a lot about a company and we’re as guilty as many, perhaps more so, for not updating our company website in a very long time. Make your agency’s branding as much of a priority as your clients.  We listened to our advice and launched this brand new site. Let us know what you think! @ecrubox

While you want to give your marketing strategy time before you start a campaign, change tactics or reallocate your funds for your 2020 strategy, reviewing these tips can help you fine-tune your approach when marketing your company’s messages in the best ways possible. Remember, the whole point is to connect with people. Need more advice? Feel free to contact us and see how we can help you improve your marketing efforts and help you on your way to success.  

In- house Content Strategist, Fashion and Food Enthusiast.