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A day in the life of… Sebastian Horton

Seb is one of our co-founders here at Ecrubox, and an integral part of the team. As well as managing day to day business operations, including accounts, HR and new business development, Seb is also husband to Heather, dad to three year old Hugo, six year old Ethan and 11 year old Stella, and a self-professed poker aficionado.

With this in mind, Seb’s days are jam-packed, and being the main point of call for most business enquiries, he is the first point of contact for many of our clients, leads and partners.

Read on as Seb gives us an insight into what a typical day looks like for him…

Friday 17th April

07.30 – The family’s morning routine starts now…. It’s 50/50 whether or not there will be tears (and the children don’t enjoy it much either!). I alternate with Heather with dropping the children off at nursery/school, so this morning it’s a battle with our toddler Hugo while she takes the older two to school.

09.15 – After some tears (Hugo’s, not mine – this time!) I arrive at the office, and it’s time to check through emails and see what’s in the diary for that day, Fridays are usually an admin day.

9.45 – First coffee of the day (ok, third, but who’s counting!)

11.00 – My role essentially involves wearing many different hats, but ultimately, I leave the marketing to the marketers! That said, I pretty much cover everything else. This morning I’m checking in with the accounts, checking on any invoices that are overdue and ensuring any invoices that are owed have been cleared. Then it’s time to switch onto recruitment…we’re currently hiring for an SEO Exec role, so it’s a case of looking through the new candidates and forwarding any potentials on to our Head of SEM, Pawel

11.30 – After sifting through lots of CVs, it’s time for another coffee before catching up with our account manager at HubSpot to update them on our internal training activity and registering new leads in the system. As a HubSpot partner, it’s vital that we keep on top of the latest updates and developments, so we have a strong relationship with the team over in Belfast.  

13.15 – Lunch. I’m a creature of habit and will often have made a smoothie; peanuts, chia seeds, mango, mixed veg and milk (it tastes much better than it sounds!).

14.10 – A key part of my role is business development, so this afternoon I’m reaching out to an industry sector we have previously worked within to try and forge new business relationships. So far so good, and we’re already talking to a couple of businesses who are looking for support with their digital marketing efforts.  

15.30 – Tax admin time (I didn’t say every hat was exciting, but important nonetheless). Ahead of a looming VAT submission I’m sense checking the figures and finishing our ‘making tax digital’ registration, as keen advocates of everything digital it’s encouraging to see VAT going down this route.

16.00 – Account admin, logging receipts on the system and going through recent expenses and allocating these within the correct categories.

17.15 – Time for me to pick up the older two children from after school club, once home, work is shut off to focus on the evening and bedtime routine. We’ve recently got into Hello Fresh for weekday meals and it’s my turn tonight, halloumi burgers with salad…a hit for the adults but the kids are less keen, so the boys have their meal padded with cheese, crackers and grapes!

20.30 – With both boys asleep and Stella reading, we get some downtime. Inevitably,  most evenings Heather and I will end up discussing a work topic interspersed with the current Netflix show we’re hooked on, and catching up on emails and client activity… we live life on the edge!

It’s fair to say that life at Ecrubox is hectic, but very rewarding! Fancy joining us? We’re currently on the search for a talented Digital Marketing/SEO Executive, find out more here.

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Co-founder and Operations Director of Ecrubox Digital, Entrepreneur and dad of three.