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Integrating tools & blending data sources with Hubspot Connect

Over the course of this series, we’ve covered off some of the core features of the powerful HubSpot system, and as marketers, we’re always on the search for the best technologies to further our insights into our data and to enhance the effectiveness of our campaigns and processes.

Researching the various pieces of software that’s needed for the modern organisation can be a time consuming task, and looking into platforms that allow for seamless third party integrations and data transfer, can add more, unneeded time.

One of the key concerns for anyone looking at adopting new systems is the fear of incompatibility between new pieces of software, the current systems that are being used and existing workflows. It’s equally as worrying for companies who are also to consider limiting themselves to one core marketing tool.

What is HubSpot Connect?

HubSpot is a comprehensive platform, offering a vast range of features, but how does it fit in with your other favourite tools?

The HubSpot Connect Ecosystem currently boasts an impressive 200 integrations, including many of the most popular software tools available, including Facebook, MailChimp, Salesforce and HotJar.

Whether you’re wanting to integrate with your website’s content management system (CMS), social media channels, advertising platforms or email marketing system, amalgamating your data into one easy to read place, lets you see the whole picture.

HubSpot’s Connect Ecosystem offers a hassle-free approach to resourcing the best software solutions for your business in order to reach your goals and KPIs, with a dedicated team looking after sourcing and certifying new tool integrations.

Allowing for a seamless integration, HubSpot blends your multiple data sources with ease, making it an extremely valuable addition to any CRM, as well as segmenting contacts, creating and triggering workflows and adding personalisation to your website, amongst other capabilities.

Unite your departments

With the various integrations available from HubSpot, unite departments such as sales, marketing and customer services, and get more insight into the the full customer journey.

Your teams will be able to see where their leads and potentials have interacted with scheduled social media messaging, emailed the customer services team and when they last received a visit from your sales team.

With some integrations, your contacts can even gain a priority ranking, depending on how much or how little they’ve interacted with your business overall.

Read data with ease

With data being at the centre of almost everything with do, failing to properly gather and blend data sources in a meaningful and insightful way, could mean you are wasting resources and missing key opportunities.

With the various integrations available from HubSpot, unite departments such as sales, marketing and customer services, and get more insight into the the full customer journey.

When connected to Shopify for example, you can create a specialised eCommerce dashboard which pulls though your outstanding orders, current stock levels and existing contact lists so that you and your team can see how the different aspects of your marketing directly affects your sales and stock levels.

Why is all this important?

We understand how hard it can be to connect and correlate you various sources of data, which are all provided in various different forms and results and be able to adapt your strategies to meet them. But with the HubSpot Connect Ecosystem, the opportunities to transform your business, are limitless.

If you’re interested in how HubSpot could improve your business operations, why not arrange a demo from a member of our expert team today! 

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