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Prove the true value of your inbound marketing activity with HubSpot’s Custom Reports an Dashboards

A key challenge in any business is knowing the answers to the questions above, and although data can drive the answers to each question, spending hours compiling data from multiple sources and then presenting it in a visually engaging way is an extremely time consuming process.

What if you and/or any member of your team could log in to a platform and at a moment’s glance have all the marketing and sales data pertinent data specific to your businesses’ needs displayed on a custom dashboard? With HubSpot’s custom reports and dashboards, this could be your reality.

HubSpot’s Dashboards

In HubSpot, dashboards are a quick way to view a range of graphs and reports in one place. You can adjust the date range, choose who can access it and to make it even more customised to your needs, you can also drag and drop or resize the graphs and reports based on the priorities for your team. In real terms this means you have an accurate overview of the metrics that are the most important to your business, in as many dashboards as you’d like. 

Whilst the HubSpot CRM provides a number of essential out-of-the-box reports, with Sales Professional and the Reporting add-on you can customise reports based on key data your team needs quick and accurate access to, such as…

Leader Boards

Which of your sales reps has the most deals in the works? How close are those deals to closing? Use this report to drum up a bit of friendly competition between your sales team as they track each other’s progress over time.


How are your team members moving their deals from stage to stage? Are there certain stages from which deals aren’t progressing? This report helps you identify patterns in movement through your sales funnel and identify blockers and issues before they become a bigger problem.

Landing Pages

HubSpot’s Landing Page Performance report shows key metrics such as views, submissions, view-to-submission rate and number of new contacts generated by your individual landing pages in a specified date range. 

You can also see if your landing page performance has improved or not by looking at the comparison percentages below each number.

What stands HubSpot apart?

Okay, so reports are nothing new, but with HubSpot not only can you access instant reports on your sales and marketing activity, but you can create custom dashboards for up to 200 people in the company or send scheduled reports directly to your team’s inboxes so you never miss a beat.

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