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Master your marketing with the Hubspot Marketing Toolbox

Marketing your business is a demanding task, and with a range of tools available to help you manage different aspects of your activity – it can be hard to keep track of and see your results. But what if you could do it all from one place?

As dedicated HubSpot partners, we use the specialist Inbound Marketing software for more than just looking after our contact lists. With an embedded marketing toolbox to help look after everything from email marketing to content strategy, for us, it’s a no brainer. Find out more about HubSpot here.

Schedule, publish and monitor your social media efforts

There are lots of social media publishing tools out there, but many marketers end up resorting back to the native platforms due to limited capabilities.

With the HubSpot Marketing Toolbox, you have the opportunity to schedule, publish, monitor and report on all of your organic social activity all from one dashboard.

You can even set up, customise and optimise your paid Facebook campaigns, and track their results alongside all of your other campaign activity – putting everything that you need in one place.

Monitor your analytics

Reporting on your marketing efforts to determine the success of your campaigns also plays a large part in the marketing your business. Without it, your team can’t see which efforts brought the desired traffic to the website and lead to conversions and which ones didn’t.

With your Google Analytics connected to HubSpot, it’s easier than ever to monitor the visits to your website. In the Web Analytics dashboard, you can:

  • look at the break down of the traffic to your website;
  • See how long your visitors are spending on your pages;
  • How long they’re spending on site;
  • Which channels are converting visitors into contacts, amongst other things.

The Marketing Toolbox also allows you the capability to integrate the website visits from your paid social and PPC efforts in order to give you a more all rounded view of your website traffic.

Blow up your blog

The heart of any website, your blog or news section – provides valuable content to your audience – free of charge, adding to the touch points in their customer journey, encouraging them to return when they are ready to purchase.

We understand that it takes a lot of work to keep fresh and relevant content running through your website in order to get those all important views and clicks to your website. But with HubSpot, it’s easier than ever to ensure you’re putting out lots of high-quality content. Import your articles via Google Docs and format it to suit your brand style before it goes in for the final sign off, and once it’s live, keep an eye on its performance with bounce rates, time on page and form completions.

Plan your content strategy

The efforts that go into marketing your business are usually tied to some kind of overall strategy, whether it be a marketing, content or business development strategy. With so much activity required to bring it to life, it’s easy for things to get forgotten about or muddled.

Within the Marketing Toolbox, you’ll find a dedicated section for your content strategy, with space to plan in landing pages, related content from your blog or news section and plan your social messaging, whilst monitoring the overall performance in terms of clicks, bounce rate and time on the page, amongst other things, leaving your team with the time to do what they do best.

Interested in how a tool like HubSpot can help your business attract the right visitors and convert them into happy long-term customers? Contact our friendly team and we can arrange a demo. Not quite sure yet? Sign up for our blog notifications and keep an eye out for the series of posts to follow looking at HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools in more detail.

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