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What is Hubspot?

As a HubSpot partner we often talk about the benefits of their platform, but what exactly IS HubSpot and why do we think it’s so great?

HubSpot’s own definition of their product is this: “inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.” But what does that actually mean? It’s simple really. It’s a CRM (customer relationship management) system that joins together your sales, marketing, technical support and customer services teams all in one customer-centric digital work space.

Taking it back to the beginning, HubSpot was designed and founded in 2005 because the creators realised that traditional marketing is broken. Like many of us, they realised that it’s no longer about finding buyers and reaching mass markets – it’s about ensuring that the right targets (not just any Tom, Dick or Harry) finds you.

A few key stats from HubSpot show the ineffectiveness of traditional marketing tactics. From 200 million numbers on the Do Not Call List to the fact that 44% of direct mail is never opened and 86% of people skip TV commercials (of those who still watch normal TV, am I right?!), HubSpot’s approach is to not interrupt buyers with your messaging, but instead to attract them – or as they say, to ‘turn your website into a magnet’.

As an agency, this is the approach we always take when we work with our clients – whether they use HubSpot or not. The process is broken down into simple steps:

  1. ATTRACT. Create content, and lots of it. Not just any content, though – relevant content, the kind of content your buyers are looking for answering the kinds of questions your buyers will be asking when searching for your products and/or services. Optimise that content for search engines, share it on social media, email it to your contacts – get it out everywhere you can.
  2. CONVERT. Once your content has attracted a visitor it’s all about engaging prospects with landing pages, clear calls to action, personalised email campaigns and a personalised website experience. Make the user’s experience as relevant as possible and your value proposition clear and turn your traffic into leads. Remember you’re marketing to humans throughout the process, though, (yes, actual people) and use a tone of voice and wording that’s appropriate for that. And close those customers.
  3. DELIGHT. This is essentially all about turning your leads into happy customers. Listen to their needs and their pain points, and help them with the issues that matter most to them.

So how does HubSpot fit into the above process? HubSpot allows companies to do all of the above and more with just one platform – it has all the tools you need to successfully attract, convert and delight your customers. And what’s more, it is a platform that truly joins together your marketing, sales and customer service efforts so the business can view the full sales pipeline with clear and effective reports and dashboards so that all the right people have visibility to the company’s data – finally, sales and marketing can be united as one. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but for most companies this level of alignment is the thing dreams are made of.

Research shows that 71% of marketing leads say that attributing their online content to revenue is one of their biggest challenges in proving the ROI of their effort so it’s clear that a tool that will help you do just that is invaluable to marketers who are looking to justify their online marketing spend and release further budget to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and drive more relevant leads into their sales funnel.

In summary, HubSpot’s software offers email marketing, landing pages, SEO tools, marketing automation, analytics/reporting, social media, blogging and more alongside a powerful CRM and contacts database where your entire business can see how your leads are interacting with your business at every touch point.

Interested in how a tool like HubSpot can help your business attract the right visitors and convert them into happy long-term customers? Contact our friendly team and we can arrange a demo. Not quite sure yet? Sign up for our blog notifications and keep an eye out for the series of posts to follow looking at HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools in more detail.

Creator and co-founder of Ecrubox Digital, MBA student at Warwick University and mum of three.