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A day in the life of… Lois

Days at Ecrubox HQ are in no way quiet, especially for our Head of Social and Content, Lois. As well as being a mum to 20 month old Ella and recently having moved house, her working days are always jam packed. From ensuring our clients get the most out of both their organic and paid social media efforts, to supporting them with their PR activity to secure high quality press coverage and industry opportunities, her days are mostly fuelled by tea and cake!

Wednesday 9th January

08:30 – After dropping Ella off at nursery for the day and getting into the office, I always spend a little time first thing catching up with emails and messages that have come in overnight and checking in on our clients’ ad accounts to make sure everything’s running smoothly and optimisations are made to ensure best performance. With a busy day planned into the calendar, the next job is to make the first round of tea for the team!

09:20 – At the start of every month, our clients receive detailed reports on how well their social media, paid advertising and PR did over the course of the past month. And since I have one more to finish up before sending it over to Heather for the final check over, it’s time to power through!

09:45 – This morning, we have a meeting with a local magazine. It’s quite a nice meeting, as we’re looking to help them boost their online presence so between the clients and Heather and I, we have loads of exciting ideas for them.

11:00 – After the meeting, I’m right back to it! After spending last Friday on calls with various different press contacts, I’ve managed to secure a lot of coverage for 2019 – so it’s time to start planning ahead, organising media calendars and coming up with some exciting content ideas. I talk through the plans with Steph and Heather, and slot them into the media calendar so that we can start working on them straight away.

12:00 – With a new year comes new goals and being at Ecrubox is no different! I have a one to one session booked in with Heather on Monday so that we can reflect on the past year, and plan for the next one. Ahead of the meeting, it’s time to start thinking about setting KPIs for both myself and the Social and Content team and thinking about what we want to achieve in 2019.

13:30 – We have one of our clients coming in shortly to talk about 2018 performance and goals and objectives for Q1, so it’s time to get everything prepared – setting up the big screen, getting the kettle on and the snacks out! We also take 10 minutes to refresh ourselves on the slides and make sure we’re armed and ready with all the great ideas that we’ve come up with!

16:00 – The meeting is going great – the whole team are sat around the table with the client and we’re really pleased to show them how we’ve helped increase their presence, both online and in the press. Together, we come up with even more plans and ideas for the next few months, so we’re excited to get going and see what this year has in store.

18:00 – With another busy day done and Ella collected from the nursery, it’s time to start some dinner and to see how my husband’s day has been. With fajitas on the go and Ella winding down for the evening with some milk and stories with Daddy, I check in on the client Facebook accounts for any messages and questions from potential customers.

20:30 – Ella is finally settled in bed and it’s time for a last look over emails, social media accounts and our team Slack channel to ensure that there is nothing urgent that needs to be dealt with before the morning. As it happens, the team are on Slack joking about how rubbish I am at keeping up with new TV shows and films, so I take the hint, log off and start up Netflix!

21:00 The team have all finished ‘You’ and are finding it hard to keep quiet, so I do my duty and set up the penultimate episode. Whilst I’m watching, I’m looking for inspiration for Ella’s new bedroom and order some bed linen, get the Tesco food shop done and attempt to write Ella’s final Christmas thank you cards. I’m not the best at evening multi-tasking, so find myself rewinding about four times to make sure I don’t miss anything!

It’s fair to say that life at Ecrubox is hectic, but very rewarding! Fancy joining us? We’re currently on the search for a talented Social Media and PR Executive, find out more here.

Head of Online Content and Social Media and mum of baby Ella, Lois has masses of experience to help your organic and paid social deliver the goods.