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A day in the life of … Heather Horton

Ecrubox was the brainchild of husband and wife team Seb and Heather Horton. As an active business owner, MBA student, and a mum of three beautiful children, (not to mention school governor and professional Prosecco taster!), it goes without saying that Heather’s days here at Ecrubox are jam-packed…

With many great clients, projects and team members surrounding her, each day is filled with hard work, intense meetings and a lot of laughter (and don’t forget the coffee, too!) Here’s a look at a day in the life of H…

Thursday 4th October 2018.

08:45 – After dealing with the morning routine of getting Ethan and Stella ready for school and Hugo off to nursery, my first port of call when I land in the office is to get the coffee on! With one of our newer clients coming into Ecrubox HQ for a long planning meeting this morning, I want to make sure that we have everything we need to hand and that the biscuits and sweets are well stocked!

09:15 – Before our new clients arrive, there is just enough time for a quick call – one of our bigger clients is undergoing a large website build project, and as the client-side project manager, I’m checking in with our web development team to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Today the team are moving the site into UAT (user acceptance testing), so we can make sure that when the site goes live, the users love it as much as we do!

11:10 – With two exciting new website concepts worked through, some fabulous ideas thrown across the table and plenty of snacks to keep the brain power flowing, it’s time for coffee round number two! As we get the kettle on, a bridal party pulls up outside (the perks of being based at a prime wedding venue!) so we all have a quick nose, before heading back to the table for more planning.

13:00 – It’s finally time for some lunch, and since we’re entertaining, we’ve ordered in a lovely buffet from the local deli and have some Prosecco on hand as a treat for our guests. Since most of the important bits have been talked through and agreed, we spend the last hour of our meeting covering off our content plans for the month, discussing their PR plans and chatting about some exciting upcoming projects.

14:20 – Since our clients are based up and down the UK, we use Skype for our weekly reviews and catch ups. Every Thursday afternoon we sit down with one of our longest retaining clients to look over all of our ongoing projects, social media activity, PR updates and of course, some excellent banter and TV-related chat!  

15:00 – Thursdays are known for back to back calls and meetings, so Lois and I jump on another client call, this time to review social media activity for the previous week. We sit and talk through the highs and lows of each platform and accounts and give our recommendations for the following week.

16:30 – With the day’s calls finally done, it’s time to quickly check in with Pawel to see how our clients’ PPC campaigns are going – and as always, it’s good news!

17:30 Seb has already left to collect Stella and Ethan from after-school club, so I’m off to pick up Hugo from nursery. Then I head home for a family dinner to catch up with the kids and see how their days went – Hugo has been baking biscuits, so I have a late night snack to look forward to when I’m catching up on emails tonight!

20:30 Both boys are finally asleep, and Stella is just starting to get ready for bed – after spending some quality mom and daughter time, she settled down in bed with a book, and I head downstairs ready to stick on an episode (or four!) of The Good Place and catch up on the day’s activities. I’ve got a couple of press releases to sign off, and a blog to look at for our website, then it’s laptop down and chill, before it all starts again tomorrow!

Creator and co-founder of Ecrubox Digital, MBA student at Warwick University and mum of three.